We are a boutique law firm with a mission to serve our clients to the best of our ability.

Once a Client, Forever a Client ! An overwhelming majority of our clients come back to us for every small  and major legal matter. Whether it is something simple as a quick consultation or some thing major as complex transaction work and litigation, our clients seek our services with trust and confidence. In view of our clients' convenience, we offer diverse legal  services under one roof. In addition to our wide ranging and comprehensive immigration services, we have created an impressive network of legal practitioners ready to meet our clients' needs.  Legal matters that we do not handle in house, we closely work with our Of Counsel and affiliated law firms throughout the US and even abroad. We are proud of our partners' services as they share the same mission as we have. We don't simply refer matters to them, we  regularly monitor the progress of our client's cases and often work and collaborate with them on various stages of a case.

immigration immigration


We take pride in our outstanding work, thrive on our highest ethical standards and pay undivided personal attention to our clients’ needs.

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family-law family-law

Family Law

We work with clients at all stages of a divorce or family law matter. We handle all matters related to or arising out of divorce, including child custody and

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civil-litigation civil-litigation

Civil Litigation

At Rizvi Law Group, we have extensive experience in representing individual clients, businesses and corporate entities in an array of civil law

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criminal-defense criminal-defense

Criminal Defense

In order to defend your legal rights and to provide you excellent legal services in this area we have an outstanding team of independent attorneys

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civil-human-rights civil-human-rights


We can provide legal assistance regarding civil and human rights violations, such as protection from discrimination (based on gender, religion, race, sexual orientation, etc.)

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employment-business-litigation employment-business-litigation


We are pleased to announce our professional collaboration with Kaiser Sauborn & Mair, PC, a widely recognized law firm

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accident-and-personal-injury accident-and-personal-injury


We handle a wide range of personal injury cases including automobile accidents, defective consumer products, construction accidents, slip and fall accidents, medical malpractice, assault victims

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bankruptcy bankruptcy


We have successfully been representing individual clients and businesses for 22 years in their Bankruptcy cases. We have extensive experience in handling all phases of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases.

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New York, United states

Know Your Rights: If ICE Visits Your Home

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