After I lost my business due to drastically increased rent and declined credit ratings, I had no choice but to seek bankruptcy relief. In these difficult times, I was looking for a lawyer who would be sympathetic to my ordeal and put me on the right legal track. I met Attorney Rizvi in his Manhattan office. His staff was very helpful and and set up an appointment quickly. I had a long discussion with Mr. Rizvi with all aspects of my case. I eventually retained his services and to my pleasure and satisfaction, he represented me effectively to get rid of all my debts and helped me to start a new financial life.
I retained Rizvi Law after my immigration case was denied twice. I have had heard a great deal about Attorney Saleem Rizvi's passionate commitment to his clients. His personal attention to my case during the entire process exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend his legal services to anyone who is looking for high quality legal services. Through his efforts, I obtained my Green Card painlessly because he spent lots of time with me to prepare me for my case, and especially for the final interview.
It was essentially due to Attorney Saleem Rizvi’s hard work that my wife and I are still living in the United States with our US born children. We had a very complicated immigration case which became even more complicated because of certain criminal charges against me. Mr. Rizvi handled our case diligently and with utmost care. Our case went from a local immigration court to the Board of immigration Appeals and from there to a federal court. It was Mr. Rizvi’s precise legal research, strategy and superb litigation skills that helped us to achieve our legal objectives. We are extremely pleased with his legal services.
I have recently become a US citizen. I had to go through a complicated immigration process due to the fact that I was placed in a painful deportation proceeding by the immigration authorities. I was frightened when the deportation case initiated against me. I was referred to Attorney Saleem Rizvi, a highly respected lawyer in the community. I am earnestly thankful to him for his excellent handling of my case. His dedication to his clients’ cases and his caring attitude towards his clients is exemplary. I wholeheartedly recommend his services.